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How My Car can Survive This Rainy Season in Lagos

Rainy season in Nigeria is usually a form of blessing, apart from the obvious advantages of rain on the farmland improving food and livestock productivity; it provides a release from the arid and hot temperature ravaging us in the motherland.

However, in Lagos, it can be a vehicle owner’s worst nightmare, from the watery potholes, flooded roads, gutters, and don’t forget Lagos wouldn’t be Lagos without the traffic jams. This doesn’t just take a toll on you alone, but your car bears the most with the undue pressure on its axles, suspensions, and tires to say a few.

In today’s post we look at some ways of staying a step ahead and protecting your motor this rainy season:

  • Anti – Rusting coating: Application of a fresh coat of anti-rust paint on the car body along with a wax coat just before rainy season arrives would go a long way as your car battles through water flooded terrains.
  •  Repairing faulty wipers and washers: Research has showed that wipers should be changed every 6-12 months, since they get damaged a lot especially during car washes, they tend to be left faulty in 45% of cars in Lagos. So getting them checked from time to time. Bad wipers don’t take much money and time to fix, instead of driving blind literally putting your life at risk. Also, keep the wiper washer bottle topped up with mild detergent for better visibility
  • Get your battery power on check: During the rainy season your battery becomes more at risk, from leakages and power drainage. Avoid accumulation of moisture by applying petroleum jelly on its power terminals. This saves you from your vehicle refusing to start in heavy influx traffic and relieving you from this embarrassing scenario.  
  • Repelling the pests: Rats, bugs and reptiles tend to find new homes when heavy rain starts in Nigeria, and some unfortunate car owners become host for these creepy crawlers. These pests are nuisance as they chew off many important cables and wires, so if you have any loose connection in your car, patch them. Incorrect wiring or wires with their insulation jacket peeling off have a high possibility of shorting and breakage, particularly when they come in contact with water creating a safety hazard to all present in the vehicle. Block small entrances to the vehicle engine compartment and the use of pest repellent like WD-40 is effective.
  • Rubber Car Mats: During this rainy season, it’s typical for individuals to enter their vehicle with drenched cloths and wet shoes, which leads to the build up of moisture and foul smell inside the car.

So, it is important to keep rubber mats for easy cleaning, in order to keep your car interiors clean and preserve the proper care hygiene.

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