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5 Icons You Should Be Constantly Observant Of On Your Dashboard

Your dashboard is an essential part of your car that can be easily ignored more like an unsung hero. Your car can constantly track functions of different car systems and keep an eye on its predetermined result (a form of self diagnoses). Incase of any slight change of performance in the systems, it conveys this error to you via warning sign indicators which appear on your dashboard.

 According to research from vehicle data firm HPI, many drivers are ignorant about dashboard warning symbols. 59 percent of motorists couldn’t identify some of the most basic dashboard signs, and this group admitted that they usually went a week before acting on the warning symbol.

Here are five (5) icons you shouldn’t definitely ignore.

  • Check Engine Light: If you keep driving the car while Check Engine Light on, you risk escalating the problem with your car engine. This sign indicates internal engine problems such as emission faults, loose gaps in gaskets, worn camshaft etc.
  • Low Oil Pressure: Powertrain control module (PCM) module observes oil pressure via the oil pressure sensor. A low oil level should be addressed without delay to prevent engine damage. This sign indicates a low oil level, internal engine problems, or faulty pressure sensor.
  • High Engine Temperature: This sign indicates an engine overheating problem. You should immediately stop your car and address this issue. Sometimes due to engine overheating, coolant comes out of the radiator and without coolant you should not drive your car as it leads to engine locking. There are many reasons to engine overheating like damage to head gasket, insufficient coolant etc. In such scenarios, you should report to the nearest car mechanic or contact your car service provider for guidance. 
  • Charging system malfunction: Low battery charging level, damaged wiring or faulty alternator is the potential causes which trigger this warning sign. This may end up in the roadside car breakdown and you have to seek help on the side of the road with your thumb in the wind. Hence it’s essential to take care of your car battery and its terminals regularly.

  •  Anti-lock brake system malfunction: ABS has saved many lives till the date, it’s a very useful feature in the car. ABS prevents your car from getting wheel locked when you apply emergency car breaks. You also have to be very careful & prompt when it comes to taking care of this important system. When ABS warning light switches on that means your car is now working on a traditional braking system, which compromises your safety. You need to fix the ABS issue ASAP and enhance the braking ability of your car.

If you’re not sure (or just can’t remember) what many of your dashboard’s warning lights mean, there are many helpful guides on the subject. If you prefer an audiovisual lowdown on dashboard symbols, watch the short video below:

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